KER ClockIt Accessories

KER ClockIt Accessories

 Listen to Your Horse

How do you really know if your horse is fit? It’s a question every rider asks, from trail riders to eventing pros legging up for their next big outing.  Kentucky Equine Research (KER) takes the guesswork out of conditioning with its new smartphone app, KER ClockIt™ Sport.

Your horse can’t tell you how hard he’s working, whether he’s stressed, or how much he needs to eat to balance his workload. But KER ClockIt Sport can. KER ClockIt Sport was developed by Kentucky Equine Research, the world leaders in equine nutrition. 

Equipment to monitor equine heart rate with the KER ClockIt™ mobile application.

KER ClockIt Bluetooth Heartrate Monitor-Equine heart-rate monitor. For use with the KER ClockIt mobile application. 

A300 Activity Tracker Watch

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