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Supplement to maintain normal digestive function in horses on grain or concentrate feeds or with reduced forage intake

Prolonged exposure of the stomach to gastric acid can cause damage to the stomach lining, resulting in a painful condition for the horse. Horses with stomach damage can show irritability, poor appetite, and resistance to work. Research has shown that as many as 90% of horses in training have some level of stomach damage.

NEIGH-LOX is scientifically formulated to maintain normal digestive function in horses at risk of stomach damage. NEIGH-LOX is designed to protect the digestive tract against excess gastric acid and provide a physical protective lining in the stomach and small intestine.

Gastrointestinal upsets are common amongst many horses. Symptoms may include:

  • gastric sensitivity
  • loose droppings
  • windsucking
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • poor coat condition
  • stable vices
  • unsettled behaviour
  • decreased performance.

Suitable for horses which may be at risk of gastric irritation , gastric sensitivity, loss of appetite, loose manure, weight loss, in training or work, on high grain diets, experiencing stressful conditions e.g. travel, show/sales preparation, during weaning, experiencing changes in feeding routine or reduced forage intake, prone to loss of appetite after work, competition or travel, have stable vices or abnormally unsettled behaviour.

Features & Benefits
  • Scientifically formulated blend of antacids and gastric agent for horses at risk of gastric irritation and damage.
  • Contains slow and rapid acting antacids to effectively support the maintenance of a normal gastric environment.
  • Contains coating agents designed to protect the sensitive lining of the stomach.
Feeding recommendations

110g each hard feed for horses in work, during show/sale or competition preparation.

55g in each feed can be fed as a maintenance dose during low stress periods.

Do not exceed a total daily intake of 220g.

NEIGH-LOX Nutrient Analysis



Crude Protein (Min)


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Calcium (Min)


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