Electrolytes are a critical component of a horse’s nutritional program, especially if sweating.

Most horse people will appreciate that electrolytes are a critical component of a horse’s nutritional program, especially if it is exercising and sweating. 

Electrolytes are mineral salts that play an important role in maintaining osmotic pressure, fluid balance, and nerve and muscle activity.

Loss of electrolytes causes fatigue and muscle weakness, and decreases the thirst response to dehydration.

It is therefore important for the body to have an adequate supply of electrolytes, which means
there could be times when supplemental electrolytes should be added to the diet of the horse.

Electrolyte solutions

RESTORE – everyday electrolyte that matches the composition of equine sweat.

RESTORE PASTE – buffered electrolyte paste. 

ENDURA-MAX – specialty electrolyte for endurance horses containing sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
ENDURA-MAX PASTE – buffered electrolyte paste for endurance horses.

What others are saying
“I wouldn’t dare leave home without Restore electrolytes for my eventers!! Restore replaces minerals lost in sweat from the tough, three phases of competition. An absolute must have”
Amanda Ross - Champion Eventer