Special Needs

Horse scratching his neck on a tree.
AllergiesNutritional support for horses who get itchy, bumpy, and wheezy
Racehorse breezing on a training track
Bleeders (EIPH)Nutritional management for bleeders
Young racehorse looking out a stall door
Convalescent (Lay-up)Nutritional support for the stall-bound horse
Fat horse standing in a pasture
Equine Metabolic SyndromePromote optimal body condition
Close-up of a horse's muzzle eating grain
InappetenceDigestive tract support for improved appetite
Hooves with corrective shoeing
LaminitisSupport recovery from or reduce the risk of laminitis
Hairy pony grazing in a pasture
Pituitary Pars Intermedia DysfunctionDietary management for horses with PPID (Cushing's Disease)
Sweaty racehorse being walked after a race.
Tying-upNutritional management of muscle problems