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An intern holds a horse wearing a collection harness used during digestibility trialsKentucky Equine Research (KER) is an international equine nutrition, research and consultation company serving both the horse producer and the feed industry. Its goal is to advance the industry's knowledge of equine nutrition and exercise physiology and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses. 

Founded in 1988, KER boasts a unique collection of nutritionists, veterinarians, researchers and horsemen that collaborate to investigate barriers to performance, develop solutions and provide education to the equine industry. Results from research trials conducted at KER's research farm at its headquarters in Versailles, Kentucky as well as advancements in equine nutrition from institutions around the world form the basis for continued development of innovative solutions to the health and nutritional challenges inherent in the management of the modern equine.

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Through its research endeavours, KER has developed several innovative products to assist horse owners and managers in overcoming nutritional problems. These products were designed to support most day-to-day issues as well as more specific nutrition-related problems. The ingredients used in every product formulated or produced by KER are of the highest quality.