Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

The proper balance of vitamins and minerals in the body is critical for growth, health, and longevity of the horse. Well-balanced nutrition is extremely important in managing all types of horses, but supplying optimal nutrient intake without providing excess calories to those with low energy needs, particularly those with metabolic issues, can be especially challenging. Equine diets are commonly found to be lacking in trace minerals, including selenium, as well as vitamin E.

Kentucky Equine Research has conducted hundreds of digestibility trials to evaluate how well various nutrients are absorbed from different types of feeds and feed ingredients. For each trial, a standardized experimental design was used to measure digestibility. Horses were fed different diets for three weeks followed by a five-day complete fecal collection period. Samples of feed and feces were analyzed for nutrient content. By comparing the analyses, digestibility of each nutrient was calculated. When you choose a KER vitamin and mineral supplement, you can be sure it was formulated based on the findings of these trials.

Which Solution Is Right for Your Horse?

Nutrequin Se Product Image

Nutrequin Se® Essential everyday nutrients for all horses. Nutrequin Se is an exceptional value-for-money vitamin, mineral, essential amino acid, and antioxidant formula, specifically designed to supplement horses on home-mixed diets or those consuming forage-only diets.

Gold Pellet Product Image

Gold Pellet® The ultimate vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement for horses. Gold Pellet has been scientifically formulated to contain essential nutrient levels to meet requirements for work or growth, and is designed to complement a traditional diet of grains and roughage.

Perform Product Image

Perform® Vitamins and minerals for performance horses. Perform is an essential daily supplement designed to meet the needs of the equine athlete for peak performance.

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