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Electrolyte for Performance Horses

A scientifically formulated electrolyte supplement designed to match the composition of horses’ sweat.

Restore is designed to replenish electrolytes in any situation where horses may have sweated, particularly after training, travel, racing, competition or during hot weather.

Restore is sugar free and does not contain any alkalinising agents.

Why use Restore?

  • Formulated to match the composition of horse sweat to provide balanced electrolyte replacement
  • Assists in stimulation of thirst response and rehydration
  • Some performance horses are prone to gastric ulcers, and electrolytes can aggravate irritated stomach tissue. Restore Paste includes a buffering agent designed to support gastrointestinal comfort.

When to use Restore?

  • Replenishment of electrolytes lost in sweat
  • Working and performance horses
  • Prior to travel, throughout competition and post event.

Feeding recommendations

For racehorses and other horses working at moderate to heavy intensity, Restore can be fed daily.

For competition horses, feed the night prior to competition, then following competition and for the first three days of the recovery period.

Restore Powder:

Feed 30, *60 or 90g (½, 1 or 1½ scoops) daily to horses, depending on sweat loss, ambient temperature and humidity.

These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 500kg. Please adjust according to the weight of  your horse.

Mix Restore well with feed and split larger serves between feeds.

Restore can also be used in a saline drench by dissolving 60g in 5L of water for an isotonic saline drench.


Always allow free choice access to fresh, clean water following supplementation with electrolytes. A veterinarian should be consulted before feeding electrolytes to a horse that is not willing to drink water.

Note: Consult your local rules of racing regarding race day use.

Why use electrolytes?

Electrolytes are mineral salts that play an important role in maintaining osmotic pressure, fluid balance and nerve and muscle activity.  Loss of electrolytes causes fatigue, muscle weakness and decreases the thirst response.   Whenever exercising and sweating, electrolytes should be incorporated into the horse’s diet.  Equine athletes produce copious quantities of sweat during exercise, especially in hot and humid environments.  Working horses can easily excrete 15 litres of sweat during a competition, making electrolyte supplementation and adequate water intake essential.


Available Pack Sizes

2kg                                       33 day supply*

5kg                                       83 day supply*

15kg                                     250 day supply*

2 x 60g                                  Tube Twin Pack

Restore Powder

Nutritional Content               60g                   1kg

Chloride                                29g                 480g

Sodium                                 14g                 233g

Potassium                             8g                   133g

Magnesium                           1.4g                   24g

Calcium                                 1.6g                   26g